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Diamond Dynasty

One of the drawbacks of this year’s MLB 12 The Show Diamond Dynasty is that you aren’t notified when a card has been sold or when you win a bid on a card.  If a card is sold, it will be automatically removed from your inventory and the earnings will be added to your budget.  If you win a bid on a card it will simply be added to your inventory and you need to try to discern which new card was added.  When dealing with a bunch of generic named Diamond Dynasty cards it can be a bit difficult to find new cards especially when the inventory limit is 100 cards.

To help overcome this drawback, I wrote this userscript (for The Show Nation website) which will help keep track of the inventory count and it will also show how many cards were added and removed since the last page refresh.  When cards have been added, the script will display a list of the new player names.

Download Diamond Dynasty Inventory Tracker


MLB 12 The Show has come out with a new feature called Diamond Dynasty which consists of teams that are made up of real MLB players and randomized “Dynasty players”.  You can create a team from scratch by customizing the team’s location, name, colors, uniforms, and logos.  Understanding how to manage a team, player progression through training, and online head to head competition are some of the major aspects that make up Diamond dynasty.

The team leader board page for Diamond Dynasty is located on The Show Nation website.  I have written a Greasmonkey script for Firefox which helps enhance the overall view ability of the team stats on one screen.  Instead of having to click through all of the pages all you do is click on a team and it will bring up all of the stats that are available in one window.  Click on the window again and it will disappear.

Diamond Dynasty

Below are some of the features that were added to the script:

Progression Percentage Values
For season stats, the leader board also provides meter graphs which show the amount of progression in the following categories:  Contact, Power, Speed, Defense, Pitching, and a team’s overall amount.  I’ve added actual percentage values to these so one can get a better idea in details how much they have progressed:

Diamond Dynasty

Direct link to your Username
While using the leader boards, I found that I would look up my own team’s stats quite often so I added a link to my team so it will always appear on all pages.  In order for this feature to work, you will need to login to your PSN Account at the upper right hand corner of the page at least once so the script can store your gamer tag.

Correct WHIP value
I also fixed the WHIP calculations.  The original value seemed too high.  Now, the WHIP adds up the total number of hits and walks that a team has allowed and divides that amount by number of innings pitched.

Download Diamond Dynasty One Page Stats

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Stratomatic Baseball

I think most would agree that it can sometimes be a bit of a headache to read the play by play accounts on the box score pages. It’s especially difficult to keep track of who is currently pitching as you read down the play by play account.  Also, you sort of need a little bit of knowledge on whether or not a player is left or right handed.

Now, play by play account viewing is a lot more enjoyable with this new script.  Take a look at the features below:

1.  Player names are now shaded in blue if they are left handed and pink if they are right handed.  Also, I changed the player names into hyperlinks to their player cards.

Note:  Some players have the same name so they need to be handled a bit differently.  I’ve included hyperlinks for all duplicate names.  In the 2010 set, for example, ‘C.Lee’ could be either Cliff Lee or Carlos Lee.  So, next to C.Lee you’ll find two links numberered 1 & 2.  There’s really no easy way for the script to find exactly which C.Lee is being used in the game so this method will do for now.

2.  Clutch situations are now in “dark orange“.

3.  When Pitch Count Fatigue level gets below F9 the color changes to red.

4.  Ball Park (BPHR/BPOUTS) results appear at the bottom of the play account.  This only applies in the 2010 set.

5.  Pitcher roll percent totals also appear at the bottom.  This only applies in the 2010 set.

The script will currently work with the 2010 and Back to the ’90s player sets.  I was hoping to add All-Time Greats VI but that player list is way too large for me to handle right now.  Hopefully I can add ATG6 sometime in the near future.

Download Stratomatic Enhanced Play by Play Account


In the Back to the 90’s game the player card years are revealed a few days after the Finals have completed.  It’s interesting to go through your team at the end of the year to see what kind of cards you actually had.  I usually tend to go through the roster once and then I’m done with that team.  I haven’t really delved into any additional analysis until now.  I wrote a new script to do most of this work for me.  Here is what the script will do:

On each team page, red stars (rated 1 to 5) are added next to each player to indicate whether it was their good year or worst year.  For pitchers these ratings are based on their “WHIPERA”.  The year with the lowest WHIPERA gets five stars.  The year with the highest WHIPERA gets one star.  For batters, the ratings are based on their OPS.

These five star visuals are really helpful especially when you can see everything on the same page.  The stars will also appear on the Free Agent page.

Stratomatic Baseball

Also on each team page I added an after season team analysis with three sections:

1.  Dropped Player Points – Points awarded based on the ratings of players dropped. e.g. five points awarded to one star players and 1 point awarded to five star players. Average is then divided by 20. Most points possible is 100.

2.  Five Star Players — Number of five star players currently on roster.

3.  “Lucky” Points — Points awarded based on the ratings of players who participated on the team. e.g. Five points awarded to five star players and one point awarded to one star players. Average is then divided by 20. Most points possible is 100.

These results are a bit primitive so it’s not the definitive answer on determining how you actually did as a manager but I think it’s good starting point for the initial release of the script.

Stratomatic Baseball

Download Stratomatic Back to the 90’s Team Analyzer



Stratomatic Box Score Search

September 12, 2011


Last year in the Strat-O-Matic 90’s keep track of Mystery Cards script I added a View Injuries button to ‘Team Schedule and Results’ page.  Now, I’ve created a new script based on that feature.  With this new script, I’ve added a Search dropdown to the Team Schedule and Results pages.

Now, you can search for the following:

INJURY: – Very handy in Mystery Card games.
Int Walk – Also very handy in Mystery Card games.
Sac Bunt – With the 12 team league format, most teams have All-Star lineups so Sac bunts should be used sparingly.  With this search, I can make sure Sac Bunts are kept at a minimum.
sqz – See Sac Bunts above.
Pickoff – These are costly and should be kept at a minimum.  If runners are getting picked off too often one might consider setting the ‘Don’t Steal’ checkbox.
Other Double Plays – I originally wanted to find a way to search for Outfield Assists but I’m not exactly certain how to find these.  For now, this search will help find some of these outfield assists.
Ground Out Double Play – Didn’t really need to add this but might as well offer a way to find all kinds of double plays.
SUBSTITUTE PH – In the Mystery Card games finding out who HAL likes to use as a pinch hitter might reveal a decent or good card.
Caught Stealing – This can help determine if runners are attempting to steal in the right situations.  I can probably add a search for Stolen Bases in the future.
h&r – See Caught Stealing.  This search option doesn’t apply to Mystery Card Games so it will be greyed out.
bpHR Chances – Will find all bpHR chances whether they are sucessfull or not.  Greyed out in Mystery Card Games.
bpSI Chances – Greyed out in Mystery Card Games.

Download Stratomatic Box Score Search