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June 10, 2014

I wrote a script that reads daily box scores (online head to head only) from “http://theshownation.com/games/recent/diamond-dynasty”. When I started working on the script, I initially decided to do it just to get a breakdown of every team’s win loss record from the day before. But, as time went on more ideas came to mind so I created Diamond Dynasty Daily Recap. I started using the script on 6/5/2014 so all games before this date won’t be included. Please read on as I explain the different areas of the website.

Front Page
Leaders Section
Diamond Dynasty The player of the day is simply based on points. Points are accumulated from the amount of runs, hits, RBIs, and home runs. Also recorded are hits, home runs, RBI, and runs leaders. One aspect to be aware of when viewing the the Leaders lists is that games will be thrown out if there are combined leaders. For example, if two players on a team lead all players with 4 home runs in the game that game will not be included. The script is currently only capable of finding one stat leader per game.

No Hitters/Walk Off Wins
No hitters will not be recorded if there’s an excessive amount of strikeouts. I’ve seen a few games where the winning pitcher recorded 27 strikeouts. It’s possible, in these instances, the gamer may have been be playing against himself.

I excluded extra inning walk off wins from the Walk Off Wins section to keep the front page somewhat short and manageable.

Daily Win/Loss Records
Wins and losses are based on the final score in the box scores. If a team happens to be losing and the game is interrupted with a freeze and/or network interruption that team gets the loss.

To keep the win/loss lists down to a minimum the site only lists undefeated teams if 5 games or below were played.

Records Page
Diamond DynastyThe records page is pretty self-explanatory. It lists the all-time individual game leaders in Hits, RBIs, Home Runs, and Runs. It will also list the last 10 no hitter games and also keeps track of who has had the most all-time walk off wins.

Ballparks Page
Diamond DynastyThis page includes sortable lists of the amount of games played in each ballpark along with the average number of home runs hit per game in each ballpark.

Gamer Pages
At the end of the day, Diamond Dynasty ratings for each gamer that played that day are recorded. So, the rating shown may not necessarily be the actual rating. Just click on the rating link and it will take you to the gamer’s Universal Profile where you can see the current up to date rating.

At the start of the season, everyone is given a 100 sportsmanship rating. A point is docked off of a gamer’s sportsmanship rating if any of the following occurs:

Balk count in a game exceeds 15.
Intentional Walk count in a games exceeds 9.
Error count in a game exceeds 9.
Runner scores after reaching first base after striking out (catcher freeze).

An excessive amount balks isn’t really considered bad sportsmanship in some cases but including balks can help determine a gamer’s skill level in online play.

Catcher Freezes appear to be fixed in MLB 14 The Show so I’ll likely throw these out from the sportsmanship ratings or do away with sportsmanship altogether. Catcher freezes are recorded when the string ‘struck out but reached first after it was dropped (E2)’ shows up on the box score pages. If the inning score doesn’t add up to the actual linescore, the script will mark it as a catcher freeze infraction. There are some instances where some catcher freeze infractions are inaccurate so it’s not exactly perfect.

Overall, home, away, and division win loss records are listed. Also included is the record against opponent’s in specific divisions. The divisions are based on Diamond Dynasty ratings as follows:

Spring Training 0-499
Season Series 500-1499
Division Series 1500-1749
Championship Series 1750-1999
World Series 2000+

The division win/loss records may not be entirely accurate. If a gamer happened to defeat a World Series opponent and that opponent’s Diamond Dynasty rating dropped below 2000 at the end of the day, the winner’s game will be recorded as a Championship Series win. The same applies to batting and pitching statistics.

Ballpark Records
This will give you an idea where someone plays his home games and the success he’s had in certain ballparks. This info will also help determine how many home and away games have been played.

Playing Times
Diamond DynastyThis pie chart will give a break down of what time of the day the gamer plays online head to head games. All times are Pacific Time.

Games Last played
Diamond DynastyOccasionally, there might be some discrepancies between the ‘Games Last Played’ area and overall records. There might be some missing games in the ‘Last played’ section because not all box score links on theshownation site are available for some unknown reason.

Repeat Matchups
Diamond DynastyThe repeat matchups win/loss records will only appear when the gamer has played an opponent multiple times.

Rating/Budget Progress charts
Diamond DynastyAt the end of the day each gamer’s rating and budget is recorded. These charts show the progress that has been made throughout the season. Note: The budget and ratings are only recorded on days when the gamer participated in online head to head games.

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nomo17k 07.04.14 at 9:57 am

Hey this is very interesting that you are doing on DD. Keep up the nice work! Some stuff they should really use it on The Show web site. Great info.

DOCWOODY77 08.08.14 at 12:17 am

You think there’s a possible way to write a script which will also keep track of players activated to roster and their stats… As it stands they just disappear once their games are done. Would be nice to automatically keep track of this along with everything else in the players page.

By the way keep up the DD good work. Love the DD recap.

Bill 08.08.14 at 6:02 pm

This might be a possibility. Stats can be accessed from theshownation.com/dynasties/USER/leaders. One drawback is there’s no way to differentiate between players other than their first and last names. Some teams might be using multiple Miguel Cabrera’s, for example. We could probably compare the stats of these duplicates and choose the best one out of the group, though.

DOCWOODY77 08.09.14 at 1:50 am

It would be nice if stats of duplicate players added up. Say we play and I have I 2 different Trout in my outfield, two different Cabreras, and Cano. If the stats added up you could get an idea how well I hit with my Cabrera’s vs my Trouts’s vs Cano. And I could get a real idea of how well I use either, letting me know who to really bid for in the market, or who not to sell if recycled.

What would be really awesome would be having these stats constantly adding as we activate the same player over and over. Say I play for a month used Reyes 3x, and Tulo twice, if the stats added I could see which one I play with better and actively search for that player in the market over and over…

Bill 08.09.14 at 2:33 am

This might work if we gather the stats from the box score pages but only the last names positions are showing – which isn’t too bad.

Brunielle 12.22.15 at 6:25 pm

The sad part is that I am outraged that they are just stnaritg to test now. Steroids have been a problem in baseball for far too long.(I love that photo it’s yours? You rock.)

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