Keep track of new cards in your Diamond Dynasty Inventory

July 31, 2012

Diamond Dynasty

One of the drawbacks of this year’s MLB 12 The Show Diamond Dynasty is that you aren’t notified when a card has been sold or when you win a bid on a card.  If a card is sold, it will be automatically removed from your inventory and the earnings will be added to your budget.  If you win a bid on a card it will simply be added to your inventory and you need to try to discern which new card was added.  When dealing with a bunch of generic named Diamond Dynasty cards it can be a bit difficult to find new cards especially when the inventory limit is 100 cards.

To help overcome this drawback, I wrote this userscript (for The Show Nation website) which will help keep track of the inventory count and it will also show how many cards were added and removed since the last page refresh.  When cards have been added, the script will display a list of the new player names.

Download Diamond Dynasty Inventory Tracker

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