Diamond Dynasty logo customization using grid drawing

June 21, 2012

Diamond Dynasty

Grid Drawing or copying images with a grid is a popular way to ensure that your proportions and layout in a drawing are correct. Here’s a method that I used for drawing Diamond Dynasty logos:

1. Install ImageGrid.
2. Find an image on the internet that you like and right click on it and go to Image info to get the location of the image.
3. Go to the image location and click on the imagegrid bookmarklet. You will now see a grid on your image. Change the grid line count to your preference. In Diamond Dynasty, the logo grid is 20×20 and the uniform logo grid is 20×10.

Diamond Dynasty4. After you have chosen the desired grid right click and save the image. The default name might be canvas.png.
5.  Open the image in your favorite image editor and color in the boxes on the image that you have drawn in Diamond Dynasty so you can keep track which boxes have been completed.

Diamond Dynasty

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