Sortable MLB 12 The Show Ratings

May 21, 2012

MLB 12 The Show

I’ve added a section that shows MLB 12 The Show Ratings  for all players that were on a 25 man roster when MLB 12 The Show was first released.  I thought having these sortable ratings available might be valuable when training Diamond Dynasty players.  Using these MLB ratings helps give you a basis for the type of Diamond Dynasty player you might want to develop.  I would imagine Franchise and RTTS mode players would also benefit from this database.

The other day, I sorted through the pitching attributes and found some values that could be used to build an elite starting pitcher.  If you sort the pitchers by Clutch you’ll see several of the elite starting pitchers at the top of the list.  Most of them have a pitching Clutch of 80 and above, K/9 is around 90+, and BB/9 is at least above 75.

I also included a way to sort by pitch type.  Now you can filter out which pitchers have the Running FB in their repertoire or you can determine what pitcher has the highest Break rating in their sinker.  Also take a look at the pitching attributes for Roy Halladay.  His sinker Break is at 76 and his change-up Control is at 83.  Also, take note of his high Clutch and BB/9 attributes.  MLB 12 The ShowIf you are looking for defense up the middle you’ll notice that most top 2B and SS players will have fielding and reaction attributes of at least 75.  In the outfield, most good fielders will have an 85+ Fielding and Reaction and an 80+ Arm with 75+ Accuracy.  For catchers look for an 80+ Arm with 75+ Accuracy.

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aaron subel 07.12.12 at 3:07 pm

I change the batting and pitching attributes to some players but i don’t know how to switch them back to how they were before.

Bill 07.19.12 at 11:14 pm

Yeah you’re right. Sorry about that. For now, just click on the ratings link to get back to the MLB 12 The Show player rating list.

Buckwheat 03.07.13 at 1:11 am

Are you going to post the Sortable MLB 13 The Show Ratings for 2013??? The Game is already released and I used your Ratings Sorter for 2012 and it was AMAZINGLY HELPFUL! If there is a way to do this ‘in-game’ I havent found it, so your sortable lists are my go-to source! Thanks.

Brian Guindon 01.18.15 at 9:35 am

Are the minor league players on MLB 12 real? Whether are real or fake could you please tell me how do I know which players are future stars? I’d like to acquire a bunch of young players for my minor league teams so I’d like to know will become solid MLB players. I want to keep the current core of the Blue Jays. Not planning on any major moves, and would like to improve my team through the draft. Thanks for your help!!!

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