Diamond Dynasty Tips: Roster Management

April 25, 2012

1. You can check the stamina of your starting rotation by going into a game Vs the CPU and then just back out once you see the stamina.  If you see two or more pitchers with full stamina put one on reserve. This can help save you from having games deducted from your pitchers.  Be aware that if you put a tired pitcher on reserve he will remain tired once you activate him back on the roster.

2. Try to use only a 3 or 4 man starting rotation. Use your 5th starter as a long reliever. For your bullpen, pick one pitcher to be your workhorse.  Increase his stamina, and you can use him for about 2 innings per game.  To help save money, the rest of your bullpen can be filled up with bronze tiered pitchers.

3. Cards with tools seem to be more important than the tier or aptitude of a card. The cards that contain 3 or more tools should be added to your roster and the cards with less than 3 tools should be recycled or you can also attempt to sell them.

4. It’s not necessary to carry the maximum of 25 players on your active roster. If a player is on the active roster a game will be deducted from his contract after each game even if they didn’t participate in a game. Also, there do not seem to be any injuries in Diamond Dynasty so you don’t really need any backup catchers on your roster.

Here’s a few money management tips:

1. Get the most out of your money right away. There’s really no need to save your money unless you plan on saving up to buy a pack or buying a card from the marketplace.

2. Play a few games against the CPU every once in a while.  If you feel that you can maintain a winning record against the CPU on Legend mode you can add a lot more  money to your budget.

3. Always check the marketplace for cheap Gold and Platinum cards.  On some days, I can find some cheap upper tier cards for only 3 to 4 million.

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