A way to model Diamond Dynasty players after MLB stars

April 17, 2012

In MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty you can customize your Diamond Dynasty players’ appearance, full name, and even their uniform number.  Player customization is definitely a good feature especially considering the generic random names MLB the Show has come up with for these Dynasty players.  With names like “Ron Makepeace”, it’s a little difficult to be able to form an identity with your team.  It’s hard to keep track of who’s who on your team unless you’ve played with them for a few games.  Before you know it, a Diamond Dynasty player’s 30-40 game contract will have expired by the time you became fully familiarized with the names.

To help form an identity with my team, I’ve devised an MLB player database that can be used as a reference when customizing new Diamond Dynasty players before they are activated.  The database grades each MLB player from A through F.  Although, it’s not a perfect rating system it’s still a pretty useful resource for customizing a Diamond Dynasty player based on his aptitude.  The grading that was used is based on ESPN’s player ratings.  Right now, home runs and run production seem to play a big factor in how good a batter’s rating is.  The rating system should probably be refined to be a little more accurate but for now the current system is in workable shape.   Again, the current rating system not perfect but it can still help give you pretty good idea on naming your Diamond Dynasty players after MLB players.

I’ve also included baseball card images on the player pages so one can get a better idea on how to customize their Diamond Dynasty player’s appearance to look like the MLB player version.

To use, go to the Buy/Sell/Manage Cards screen on PS3.  Before activating a card to your roster, search for an MLB player that fits the same criterea as your Diamond Dynasty player.  Let’s take Chris Chavez, for instance, he’s a third baseman with a B- aptitude so we will need to search for B rated MLB third basemen.  Chris Chavez also bats left-handed so we can filter the search to include left-handed hitters only.  I’ll also filter the search to include players who played for the New York Yankees.  It looks like Chris Chavez might be best fitted to perform like a Graig Nettles type.

Diamond Dynasty

I think this database look up makes Diamond Dynasty a bit more fun when you are able to recognize the names of your players.  So far, as a Giants fan, I’ve named a platinum card after Juan Marichal.  I’ve also had a gold lefty starter named after Steve CarltonJesus Alou, who is my current left fielder, is actually turning into quite a star in Diamond Dynasty.

Hope you Enjoy!  MLB Player Baseball Database for Diamond Dynasty.

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