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March 20, 2012

MLB 12 The Show has come out with a new feature called Diamond Dynasty which consists of teams that are made up of real MLB players and randomized “Dynasty players”.  You can create a team from scratch by customizing the team’s location, name, colors, uniforms, and logos.  Understanding how to manage a team, player progression through training, and online head to head competition are some of the major aspects that make up Diamond dynasty.

The team leader board page for Diamond Dynasty is located on The Show Nation website.  I have written a Greasmonkey script for Firefox which helps enhance the overall view ability of the team stats on one screen.  Instead of having to click through all of the pages all you do is click on a team and it will bring up all of the stats that are available in one window.  Click on the window again and it will disappear.

Diamond Dynasty

Below are some of the features that were added to the script:

Progression Percentage Values
For season stats, the leader board also provides meter graphs which show the amount of progression in the following categories:  Contact, Power, Speed, Defense, Pitching, and a team’s overall amount.  I’ve added actual percentage values to these so one can get a better idea in details how much they have progressed:

Diamond Dynasty

Direct link to your Username
While using the leader boards, I found that I would look up my own team’s stats quite often so I added a link to my team so it will always appear on all pages.  In order for this feature to work, you will need to login to your PSN Account at the upper right hand corner of the page at least once so the script can store your gamer tag.

Correct WHIP value
I also fixed the WHIP calculations.  The original value seemed too high.  Now, the WHIP adds up the total number of hits and walks that a team has allowed and divides that amount by number of innings pitched.

Download Diamond Dynasty One Page Stats

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