Strat-O-Matic Enhanced Play by Play Account

September 14, 2011

Stratomatic Baseball

I think most would agree that it can sometimes be a bit of a headache to read the play by play accounts on the box score pages. It’s especially difficult to keep track of who is currently pitching as you read down the play by play account.  Also, you sort of need a little bit of knowledge on whether or not a player is left or right handed.

Now, play by play account viewing is a lot more enjoyable with this new script.  Take a look at the features below:

1.  Player names are now shaded in blue if they are left handed and pink if they are right handed.  Also, I changed the player names into hyperlinks to their player cards.

Note:  Some players have the same name so they need to be handled a bit differently.  I’ve included hyperlinks for all duplicate names.  In the 2010 set, for example, ‘C.Lee’ could be either Cliff Lee or Carlos Lee.  So, next to C.Lee you’ll find two links numberered 1 & 2.  There’s really no easy way for the script to find exactly which C.Lee is being used in the game so this method will do for now.

2.  Clutch situations are now in “dark orange“.

3.  When Pitch Count Fatigue level gets below F9 the color changes to red.

4.  Ball Park (BPHR/BPOUTS) results appear at the bottom of the play account.  This only applies in the 2010 set.

5.  Pitcher roll percent totals also appear at the bottom.  This only applies in the 2010 set.

The script will currently work with the 2010 and Back to the ’90s player sets.  I was hoping to add All-Time Greats VI but that player list is way too large for me to handle right now.  Hopefully I can add ATG6 sometime in the near future.

Download Stratomatic Enhanced Play by Play Account

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Bob Lankin 04.02.12 at 2:03 am


I can’t seem to get this script to show as you’ve indicated. The only way I’ve found to download the script is to click on download and then copy-paste to wordpad, for example.

This is what I’m looking for but can’t get the thing to work. The pbp account seems no different than normal (using the latest, 2012, Strat game).


Don 04.24.12 at 7:47 pm

The script works for me in the 2010 season, but does not work in the new 2011 season. Does it need to be updated for the 2011 season? Thanks.

Bob Lankin 04.30.12 at 2:41 am

It doesn’t work in 2011. I get errors and the read-out is no different. This is using the latest PC game.

But I wonder, is this for Strat Online or for the actual CD-ROM PC game?


Bill 04.30.12 at 4:16 am

This is for the Strat Online game. It would be nice if the CD-ROM game had something like this , though.

You need to use Firefox in order for the Greasemonkey script to work. If you had the old script, you may also need to uninstall it before installing the one with 2011 support.

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