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September 12, 2011


Last year in the Strat-O-Matic 90’s keep track of Mystery Cards script I added a View Injuries button to ‘Team Schedule and Results’ page.  Now, I’ve created a new script based on that feature.  With this new script, I’ve added a Search dropdown to the Team Schedule and Results pages.

Now, you can search for the following:

INJURY: – Very handy in Mystery Card games.
Int Walk – Also very handy in Mystery Card games.
Sac Bunt – With the 12 team league format, most teams have All-Star lineups so Sac bunts should be used sparingly.  With this search, I can make sure Sac Bunts are kept at a minimum.
sqz – See Sac Bunts above.
Pickoff – These are costly and should be kept at a minimum.  If runners are getting picked off too often one might consider setting the ‘Don’t Steal’ checkbox.
Other Double Plays – I originally wanted to find a way to search for Outfield Assists but I’m not exactly certain how to find these.  For now, this search will help find some of these outfield assists.
Ground Out Double Play – Didn’t really need to add this but might as well offer a way to find all kinds of double plays.
SUBSTITUTE PH – In the Mystery Card games finding out who HAL likes to use as a pinch hitter might reveal a decent or good card.
Caught Stealing – This can help determine if runners are attempting to steal in the right situations.  I can probably add a search for Stolen Bases in the future.
h&r – See Caught Stealing.  This search option doesn’t apply to Mystery Card Games so it will be greyed out.
bpHR Chances – Will find all bpHR chances whether they are sucessfull or not.  Greyed out in Mystery Card Games.
bpSI Chances – Greyed out in Mystery Card Games.

Download Stratomatic Box Score Search

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