Stratomatic Analyze Next Opponent

August 26, 2011


If you are a busy manager like I am and sometimes don’t have the time to analyze your next opponent then this script is for you!  This script will show additional details about your next opponent on the Front Office page.  The same information also appears on all Sim L/R splits pages.

Probable LHBs/RHBs in lineup
One of the most important aspects of analyzing an upcoming opponent is being able to match-up with their lineup.  Ideally as a manager, you can gather this information by reviewing the opponent’s box scores of previous games.  This can be a daunting task, especially if you can’t remember if a player is a left-handed, right-handed, or a switch hitter.  Another way is to find this information is to take a guess at the everyday players by viewing how many at bats they have on the opponents team page.  This script will help gather this information.  The Probable LHBs/RHBs in lineup category is determined by a combination of the number of at bats a player accumulated and their player salary.  Chances are a player with more at bats and/or higher salary is most likely to be in the starting lineup.  This info may not always be accurate but it’s a helpful aide.

Displays the number of players currently injured.

OPS vs L/R
Determining your opponent’s strength against left handed pitchers versus right handed pitchers is also important.  If you find that your opponent is strong against lefties you might want to spot start a RHP.  This category calculates the opponent’s OPS by adding up the OBP and SLG on the opponent’s splits page.

AVG Hitter Balance/Prorated Balance
The script will sort the 9 batters that are expected to be in the starting lineup and determine the average hitter balance.  The Prorated balance column is based on the batter’s salary.  These categories may not be as valuable as the OPS but may help a manager with their starting and Relief pitcher settings.

Another added feature is it will display the opponents probable starting pitcher balance.  If you’re playing a Mystery Card game, such as Back to the ’90s, mouse over your opponent’s starting pitcher to view his Home Runs and Opponent Average against left and right-handed batters.


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