Stratomatic Show Dropped Players

August 19, 2011

If you’ve played any of the Stratomatic Online’s Mystery Card games you know that it’s important to be able to filter the unused players with the dropped players.  By the time you get through a quarter of the the way season, over half of the starting pitchers may have already been dropped.  If you are searching for a new Starting Pitcher in the Free Agent Pool it’s a daunting task to have to open each player card to see whether or not they have been already used.  Chances are if a player has been dropped they aren’t performing up to par.  You need to filter out these dropped players so you can buy accordingly.

This script will add a new SIM column to the Free Agent Pool list.  If you are searching for a pitcher and they have already played during the season, their SIM ERA will be displayed in the new column.  For batters, their SIM batting average will be displayed.  If the player has not participated in the season the results will be blank.

Stratomatic Baseball

I’ve also added a feature to help keep track of players that were dropped during the season but didn’t participate in any games.  In the Mystery Card games, this information is especially important.  If a player wasn’t used (by HAL) it probably means they have a bad mystery year.  These dropped players do not show up on the “no longer on the roster” page.  Now with this script, these dropped players will have a DNP displayed in the SIM column.

Stratomatic Baseball

There is one situation where the DNP tag might be incorrectly tracked and it’s when a manager picks up a player and then drops them on the same day.  The manager may have accidently picked up the wrong player or maybe they changed their minds and picked up another player.  This is a rare occurance but it does happen from time to time.  Maybe in a future script update this can be somehow addressed.

Download Stratomatic Show Dropped Players


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Steve 10.14.11 at 12:53 am

Any scripts for Back to the 70’s?

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