Baseball Card Database

March 23, 2010

Baseball Card Database

Over 37000 unique cards can be viewed, searched and “flipped” in my new baseball card database.  I hope you enjoy these cards.  Maybe you’ll find something interesting.  I’ve spent hours looking through these cards.

Funny Baseball Cards

Take a look at Oscar Gamble’s large Afro hair or Wally Moon’s ‘eyebrow’ or Don Mossi’s ears.  Ross Grimsley also had a nice hairdo.  John Pacella of the dreadful Mets of the early 80’s lost his hat.

Check out Jason Michael’s big glove and Kirby Puckett carried a big bat.

Larry Haney appears to be a left-handed catcher in this reverse negative.   Bob Uecker is a right-handed batter but posed left-handed.

My Collection

I currently have about 15,000 cards in my baseball card collection. I have a least one card from every year from 1968 to 1995.

The oldest card in my collection is a 1968 Al Weis card. Al played a major role for the 1969 Miracle Mets in the World Series. In Game 2 his 9th-inning single drove in the winning run in a 2-1 victory. In the clincher, Game 5 at Shea Stadium, he homered off McNally in the seventh inning to tie the game at 3-3. The Mets scored two runs in the eighth to complete their improbable World Series victory.

Of my older baseball cards, I have quite a few from the 1974 set. I happen to have a Mike Schmidt and Charlie Hough rookie card. I also have Dan Fife’s only baseball card ever.

I started purchasing card packs in 1978. This set had a game on the back called “PLAY BALL. Played by two”. The instructions were as follows:

Player has 50 player cards. Toss coin for who goes first. First player turns cards over one at a time. Attempting to score runs until 3 outs have been made. After 3 outs, second player begins. Game is played with 9 innings. In case of tie, play extra innings.

If you turned up Paul Blair’s baseball card you would have a home run.

I always thought Mark McGwire’s United Stated Baseball Team rookie card would be worth a lot some day but its value has likely taken a major hit since the steroid scandal. I have four of these cards.  I also found a couple
Barry Bonds
rookie cards.

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Jim McCurdy 01.21.11 at 9:37 pm

Have you considered publishing a database table that ties you card id’s to the plaerId in the Lehman database?

Jim McCurdy

Brian 01.29.12 at 5:23 am

Have you ever thought about adding a water mark or some sort of banner over every card. I’m asking you because there is no “contact us” under baseballdatabase and hoping either you could help or you could pass this along to them. I love that you have a huge database for most cards I want to see, I just also hate that its also a database for any scum out there copying that image to ruin this hobby we all love with counterfeit cards. Please help preserve the integrity of these cards and end counterfeiting. I understand it will always continue but make them at least work a little bit for it, not just copy, paste, print.

Keith 02.26.13 at 6:50 pm

Anyone know of a database where you can have the value of the cards updated automatically without using a price guide book?

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