Statesman Park

Capacity: 11,109 | Surface:  Grass | Elevation: 574 Ft | Opened: 2012

Insight from Environment Artist (The Show Nation Developer Journal):

Sito initially got his idea watching a late night Home buying show. In one particular episode was a story of a couple and their search for a place to live in the city. The one thing that stuck out about this couple was their love of baseball and living close to a ballpark. While thinking about creating his minor league ballpark, Sito thought about this couple living in a downtown area of a city, featuring a stadium where they could go see a ballgame close to home.



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  1. Max Brand says:

    Love the story behind the artistry of the ball park & I’m sure they’ll be more creative Minor League stadiums that would be added to MLB 14 the one stadium out in Buffalo where the AAA Blue Jays play.

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