Polo Grounds

Capacity: 55,000 | Surface:  Grass | Elevation: 20 Ft | Opened: 1911

In order to succeed in Polo Grounds with MLB The Show it’s important to make outfield defensive adjustments.  I prefer to play my outfield deep and then shift the left fielder and right fielder towards center field.  This alignment blocks those large gaps to help prevent triples and inside the park home runs.  It’s also important to have speed on your team so when you hit a gapper yourself you have a better chance getting around the bases quickly.

While on the basepaths be careful before deciding to advance on a wild pitch.  The backstop is close behind home plate.  Balls can easily bounce right back to the pitcher or catcher,

In left field the upper deck hangs out about 15 feet over the outfield wall.  A high-trajectory pop fly might land in the upper deck for a home run.  MLB The Show does a good job portraying this.  When fielding a fly ball the indicator where the ball will land will appear within reach but if the ball hits the upper deck it’s a home run.

Only four players have ever hit home runs into the center field bleachers, the last player to achieve this was Hank Aaron in 1962.


Polo Grounds Polo Grounds

Polo Grounds

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