Griffith Stadium

Capacity: 27,550 | Surface:  Grass | Elevation: 314 Ft | Opened: 1911

One of the most unique aspects of Griffith Stadium was its center field configuration.  A rectangular area juts out in center field because the owner of that land refused to sell it.

With the huge dimensions and large walls it’s not very easy to hit home runs in Griffith Park.  But, if you hit a ball into the corner in right center it could turn into an inside the park home run.

Mickey Mantle is known as the only player to ever hit a ball that cleared the Griffith Stadium left field bleachers.  On its way out of the park, the ball Mantle hit grazed the big scoreboard atop the left field bleachers and kept on going an estimated 565 feet.  You’ll notice in MLB the Show, there’s a big sign atop the bleachers where the scoreboard would have been.

Estimated dimensions:  LF: 350 | CF: 405 | RF: 320

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